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I don't give a damns what y'all say: SC rocks! Other sites don't come close.

Signed up to Sexy Cougars a few weeks ago and my life has become a helluva lot easier! Had some very interesting chats with some older chicks (even a married one in her late forties…boom!) and it has made things far more fun for me ;-)

You wouldnt think liking older girls would be a problem but it is not easy to get action with hot experienced women just by going out on a friday night so thank you internet, thank you modern dating trends, and most of all…thank you older women hahaha!!!!!!

Chad, Berkshire

Always had a thing for hot older chicks!

Only to realised there are proper dating sites that exist just to help people like me! As soon as I found out I bought my subscription and im loving it. SexyCougars is great and Its still all new to me but to say im busy with chats is an understatement! Can see this becoming quite addictive!

James, Northampton

Follow some simple rules.

Use your common sense: Women are usually not likely to make first contact. Yes, I know, it works a little different on SexyCougars because the average female user on there is more open. Don’t be a fool and rather take the initiative yourself.

Contact real and authentic looking profiles and trust me: You wil find plenty of them on SC. If you follow some simple rules you will sure get in touch witha few older women. I am not sure if it is the number one cougar site but it is a nice site if you use your common sense.

Jason, Nottingham

A+ for Sexy Cougars!

Totally digging this cougar dating service. Ive subscribed to this quite recently so im nicely covered for finding any older women that are into younger guys and live close. A+ for Sexy Cougars.

Kiefer, London

Use the top sites like Sexy Cougars. U can thank me later.

I decided to join cougar dating sites like Sexy Cougars (great to meet serious guys)long time ago.
The whole cougar dating thing is a little dodgy when you think about it. But realistically, if I was perfectly satisfied and happy with guys my age, I would not be doing this in the first place.

Yes, I enjoyed flirting and dating with younger guys much more! And it was all about meeting up with someone who can satisfy my sexual desires. Younger guys, trust me ladies, can do that much better!

Jennifer, Devon

You will hardly find a better site!

Been using sexy cougars dating and to be honest im having a freaking blast. Seriously, where else could I speak to single older chicks in a few clicks of the macbook or pushes of my smartphone?

No of course im not getting laid every night but im getting the OPPORTUNITY and thats a lot more than i’d get elsewhere. It’s easy and i’d seriously advise you folks to try a few sites at once for maximum effect. Leave some for me though!

Brett, Gloucester

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